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Leg Flexibility Stretching Band

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Stretch your legs and gain more flexibility with the Leg Flexibility Stretching Band. This awesome Stretching Band is great for relaxation, gaining flexibility, stretching tight muscles, reducing pain in your lower legs and more. The stretching band is easy to use and allows you to comfortably stretch your legs.


  • Improve your flexibility
  • Reduce pain from injuries such as plantar fasciitis, strained Achilles tendons, Achilles tendinopathy, myofascial pain
  • Easy and comfortable way to stretch at home
  • Great for yoga and relaxation techniques
  • One-size-fits-all leg flexibility band

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Polyester cotton
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 44.8in (114cm)
  • Footpad: 9.4x3.5 in (24x13.5cm)
  • Each loop: about 6.7x8 in (17x23cm)

Package Includes: 

1 x Flexibility Yoga Stretching Band

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