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Windshield Snow Cover

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Save time and effort cleaning off your car with the Windshield Snow Cover! The Windshield Snow Cover protects your windshield from getting covered with snow, ice, rain, slush, and hail. Easy to use- just close the windshield cover flaps into the driver side and passenger side doors, and then leave it on your windshield whenever you need it! You will be so relieved when you go outside after a snow storm and all you have to do is pull the windshield cover off for a completely clean and snow/ice free windshield! 


  • Offers protection for your car windshield in the wintertime
  • Fits all vehicles
  • Prevents ice and snow from covering your windshield
  • Saves you time from cleaning off your windshield during the winter months
  • Easy to install- just place the flaps of the cover into the two front doors and place the cover onto the windshield
  • Heavy duty material with great durability

Product Specifications:

Size: 81in x 46in

Package Includes:

1 x Winter Windshield Car Cover

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