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Wall-Mounted Dry Food Dispenser

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Make breakfast and snack time so much simpler with the Wall-Mounted Dry Food Dispenser! Your whole family will be excited for their bowl of cereal in the morning with this convenient dry food dispenser. The wall-mounted food dispenser easily sticks on to the wall and the adhesive has a super strong holding power. Just stick the food dispenser right on your wall or fridge and fill it with cereal, grains, candy and more. 

wall mounted cereal dispenser


  • Transparent design so food can be easily seen. You will be able to see when the container needs to be refilled
  • Large capacity, comes in 1000mL (33.8oz) or 1500mL (50.7oz)
  • Can hold various dry goods, including cereal, rice, grains, candy, granola and more
  • Has a tightly-sealed cover to keep food fresh 
  • Dispenses food from the bottom for convenience. Just press the button of the Dry Food Dispenser and fill up your bowl!

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 1000mL or 1500mL

Material: ABS


1000mL: 3.74in x 4.53in x 7.68in (9.5cm x 11.5cm x 19.5cm)

1500mL: 3.74in x 4.53in x 10.04in (9.5cm x 11.5cm x 25.5cm)

Package Includes:

3 x Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser

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