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Telescope Zoom Phone Lens with Tripod (Includes 3 Bonus Lenses! Fisheye, Wide Angle, & Macro)

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Easily attach this Telescope Zoom Phone Lens with 40x zoom to any mobile phone with a back camera! Take it with you to any sporting event, concert, animal/bird watching, travel, news reporter long-distance shooting etc. and prepare to be amazed by the quality of your photos. Comes with a tripod for your convenience, and 3 bonus lenses (fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens) included! 

40x60 HIGH POWER Mobile Camera Lens Monocular Telescope – Cosmas ...


- 40x zoom

- Easily attachable to your phone with the clip provided 

- Easily attachable to the included tripod for your convenience

- Takes high quality pictures

- Easy to travel with

- Comes with 3 easily attachable bonus lenses! (fish eye, wide angle, and macro)






Phone Camera Type: Telephoto Len

Model Number: 40X Mobile Phone Lenses

Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Blackberry

Phone Camera Type: Telephoto Len

Magnification: 40 times

Material: Aluminum +  optical glass

Type: Phone Telescope


Package Includes:

1x Telescope Zoom Phone Lens

1x Tripod

1x Bonus Fish Eye Lens

1x Bonus Wide Angle Lens

1x Bonus Macro Lens

1x Lens case

1x Attachment clip (2 pieces)


    1. Please use with care as it is fragile.
    2. Please don't drop into water.
    3. Please don't look at the sun through lense.

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