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Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower

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Camping is an exciting and fulfilling activity that allows you to reconnect with nature. There are a lot of camping tools that every avid camper already owns, including camping chairs, tents, and portable stoves, but the Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower is something that will change your entire camping experience. There has never been a more convenient and refreshing way to clean up during your camping trip until now. 

Enjoy a refreshing and revitalizing shower alongside nature with the Solar Heated Camping Shower. Using only solar power, the heated camping shower provides a hot shower every day. The solar shower is easy to use and extremely convenient: Just fill up the shower bag with water, hang it in sunlight, let it charge up and then take a hot shower.


  • Solar Powered: Solar powered camping shower that heats up water using sunlight
  • Advanced Shower Head: Has an On/Off switch and low/high water current switch
  • Portable & Convenient Design: lightweight, foldable and easy to store and carry
  • 20L Capacity: The solar camping heated shower has a large water capacity
  • Temperature Indicator: Has a temperature indicator so you know when the water is hot enough
  • Mesh Pockets to Store Toiletries:Has mesh pockets so you can easily hang and access all of your toiletries while showering

Product Specifications:

Capacity: 20L/5 Gallons

Material: Eco-Friendly PVC, Mesh Pockets


  • Wash the bag with hot water before first use
  • Make sure the shower camping water bag is facing the sun and that there are no shadows covering it so the water heats up properly
  • Heat for 3 hours for ideal temperature (Water should get up to 45 degrees Celsius/113 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Try water temperature before use to make sure it isn't too hot/cold (do not exceed 50 degrees Celsius)
  • Avoid placing sharp objects

Package Includes:

1 x Solar Heated Camping Shower Bag

1 x Hanging Strap

1 x Plastic Tube

1 x Hose with Shower Head

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