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Sleep Comfy Arm Slot Pillow

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Sleep comfortably and prevent arm numbness with the Sleep Comfy Pillow with Arm Slot. Whether you cuddle with your partner or just sleep with your arm resting under your head, this pillow will allow you to get comfortable without your arm losing pressure and going numb.

arm arch memory pillow



  • Get a healthier, more comfortable rest: the contour design of the pillow supports your head, neck, shoulder and back. 
  • Cuddle comfortably: The Arm Slot Pillow allows you to cuddle with your partner and prevents your arm from being in pain or going numb.
  • Made of high-quality, premium fabric: The fabric is breathable and keeps you cool and comfortable all night long
  • Made of high-density memory foam: Has a 4 second rebound and prevents shoulder, neck and back pain.
  • Multifunctional: Not only is the arm arch pillow great for cuddling and a comfortable night's rest, it's also great for on the go. Great for comfy sleeping during a road trip or camping adventure.

Product Specifications:

Material: Ice silk, 100% Polyethurane pillow core, ABS plastic steel frame

Size: 35 x 30 x 13 cm

Weight: 530g

Color: White

Package includes:1 x Comfy Sleep Arm Slot Pillow

Can also purchase a pillow case that perfectly fits the shape of the pillow! 

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