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Reusable Laundry Hair Catcher

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Easily remove hair, lint, and pet fur from your freshly washed laundry with the Reusable Laundry Hair Catcher!

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All you have to do to keep your clothing free of lint and hair is throw the Hair Catcher into your washer or dryer (or both) and let it do its job! The Laundry Hair Catcher works by catching annoying residue and hair from your clothing into its inverted cone-shaped net bag while it flows through the washer or dryer. 


  • Can be used with any and all clothing
  • Removes annoying pet fur, hair, and lint from freshly-washed clothing
  • Reusable- each Hair Catcher is good for up to 200 uses
  • Easy to use: Just throw it in the washer or dryer and see the results!
  • Also can be helpful for preventing clogged pipes in your washing machine

Package includes: 1x Laundry Hair and Lint Catcher (comes in either blue or pink)

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