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Rechargeable AA Batteries (2pcs)

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Rechargeable AA Batteries (2pcs)

This new and advanced rechargeable AA battery comes with a built-in USB that can be used to provide power! This saves you from driving back and forth to stores just to buy new batteries each time they run out. It also reduces waste in the landfill while providing a simple solution for all your battery-operated devices.

Did you know that more than 15 billion alkaline batteries are tossed away into landfills each year creating an enormous waste of resources? This rechargeable battery is a new eco-friendly alternative as it can be used hundreds of times without throwing away.

  • Weight:20g/pcs
  • Packing:PVC.Retail colorful card/ (2pcs/card)
  • Model: USB-AA
  • Voltage:1.2V
  • Material: NIMH battery
  • Capacity: 1450mah
  • Application:toy/remote control/computer mouse/alarm
Main features:
  •  Easily charged from any USB power source
  •  Low Self Discharge (LSD) type NiMH cells
  •  Up to 500 charge cycles (typical)
  •  Nominal 5~7 hour full charge time at 120~200mA current level
  •  Built-in current limiter prevents overcharging
  •  Can be charged using a traditional Ni-MH AA battery charger
  •  Includes an LED indicator for charging status
  •  Tethered cap prevents accidental loss

Packing list: 

2pcs*AA battery 

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