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Portable Hotel Door Lock

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It's great for apartments, hotels, student dorms, and even school lockdowns.

Are you sick of staying in a hotel and feeling unsafe? Locks are broken or not as secure as you'd like? Security and privacy are two things you can count on with the Portable Hotel Door Lock, all of these obstacles can be eliminated just like that!

This super lightweight, compact door lock is simple to install on any door that opens inwards. It can also be removed just as easy as it is to set up. Now you can experience that feeling of added safety, security and privacy at home or when you travel.


  • Enhanced Privacy: Grants added safety, security, and privacy.
  • Suitable for Most Doors: Can be placed on doors with or without locks. Fits almost any door thickness.
  • Easy to Install: Installation takes just seconds and doesn't require andy tools.
  • Durable: Made of military-grade steel
  • Lock-and-Stay: This lock works together with your existing locks to provide extra security.
  • Protect Yourself Anywhere: Use it at home or bring it along with you anywhere you travel. Great for travel, apartments, hotels, and student dorm rooms. Also useful if you are staying at an AirBNB or any other short term rental.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry: It's small enough to keep in your handbag, pouch or pocket.

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