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Portable Clothes Dryer Hanger

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Hot air, cold dual mode switch

The Portable Clothes Dryer Hanger is super convenient, energy saving, the use of clothes to form hood, so that hot air flow in the clothes inside the collection, circulation, to achieve the purpose of fast drying; products can be dry care, anti-mildew moisture, mite sterilization, eliminate odor.

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After the power is turned on, the machine enters the standby state and the blue light flashes; after pressing the start button, the blue light stops blinking and turns to the red light constant state, the machine will work continuously for 3 hours after entering the hot air mode and then will automatically switch to the cold mode Until the user to the next step. 

Portable Clothes Dryer HangerSpecifications:

Name: Electric Clothes Hanger

Model: 857105

Power: 150W

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Size: 42x8x18cm

Cable length: 1.8m

Waterproof level: IPX1

Color: White

Carrying weight: 5-10kg

Power protection: Yes

Bracket material: Plastic

Package Includes: 1x Electric Clothes Hanger

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