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3D Phone Screen Amplifier

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Turn your phone into a small TV screen with the Mobile Phone Screen Amplifier!

The 12-Inch Phone Amplifier Screen allows you to enjoy TV shows, movies, sports games and videos anywhere with its portable, foldable design. Bring it with you on vacation, camping adventures, road trips, business trips, or just simply use it at home!

phone screen amplifier stand

The 3D amplifier stand is the size of a tablet when folded and closed, so you can easily store it away in a drawer, backpack, or suitcase. The screen amplifier prevents visual fatigue and makes watching things easier on your eyes by amplifying your phone screen up to 4x larger. You will question how you watched things on your phone before you owned this!

3d phone screen amplifier


  • Magnifies your phone screen 4x larger
  • Works with all smartphones
  • 12 inch screen size that is perfect for watching videos and shows in bed, on road trips, camping trips, while traveling and more!
  • Foldable, portable design so you can bring it with you anywhere
  • Screen folds into the base so that it is flat and easy to store when not in use
  • Amplifier is the size of a tablet when closed 
  • Phone holder has an anti-slip design to hold your phone in place
  • Amplifies your phone into a small TV screen to enjoy TV shows, videos, sports games, and movies anywhere
  • Prevents visual fatigue by amplifying what you see on your phone screen
  • Easy to use, just set your phone on the back stand and turn on a video or movie

Product Specifications:

Screen Size: 12 inches

Amplifier Size: 10in x 6.85in x .35in 

Material: Glass Lens, Eco-Friendly TPU & High-Quality ABS

Package Includes:

1 x 3D Phone 12 inch Screen Amplifier

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