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Outdoor Ranch Fly Trap (Perfect for Horses)

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Ever wish you could easily get rid of flies buzzing around your yard or irritating your horse? You will find the Outdoor Ranch Fly Trap to be the most effective way to instantly start reducing the number of flies in any area! Whether you own your own ranch, or just don’t like flies bothering you in your own yard, this super easy to use design will definitely help you relax outdoors!




- Super easy & quick set up

- Lasts up to 3 months! You can decide whether to empty & reuse at this point or get a new one. (make sure to replace bait to continue attracting flies). Trap will be very full of flies after 3 months!

- Reduce flies in any area

- Durable & Light weight - easy hanging

- Flies will be attracted to bait inside, they will fly in but will not be able to fly back out




Easy Set Up:

1. Load tray with bait and place tray in the bottom ring. (Anything smelly works!)

2. Hook the 2 interior hooks together to form the funnel which traps the flies

3. Hang somewhere & watch it fill up with flies!



Material: High quality Iron wire, plastic, and gauze mesh

Color: Green

Type: Bug Trap

Size: 33*25 cm / 13*10 inch

Weight: 150 g/5.29 Oz


Package Includes:

- 1x Outdoor Ranch Fly Trap

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