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No-Pull Dog Harness

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An ordinary dog leash that hooks around the neck can put tension and pain on your pup’s neck. Not only that, but an ordinary leash can put strain on your own arm while your dog tries to pull away. The No-Pull Dog Harness makes walking your dog so much easier. The harness puts no pressure on your dog and allows them to walk without you having to pull them around.

No pull dog harness


  • Comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large for all types of dogs
  • Eliminates pulling, choking and hurting your dog while going for a walk
  • Made with breathable materials and durable fibers, long lasting

Package includes:

1 x No-Pull Dog Harness


Size              Chest / cm(inch)                        Neck / cm(inch) 


S            45-51cm / 17.71-20.07inch        40-48cm / 15.74-18.89inch 


M           52-60cm / 20.47-23.62inch        45-54cm / 17.71-21.25inch 


L           63-77cm / 24.80-30.31inch         54-67cm / 21.25-26.37inch 


XL         72-91cm / 28.34-35.82inch          60-70cm / 23.61-27.55inch  


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