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Multi-Functional Drawing Protractor Tool

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The Multi-Functional Drawing Protractor Tool is a convenient and portable stationary item with many more capabilities than an average drawing compass. The Multi-function drawing compass allows you to draw perfect circles, create awesome designs, and even open a bottle! This drawing tool is perfect for everyone: from professional artists to beginners. 

multifunction drawing protractor



  • A ruler, compass, protractor, bottle opener, wrench, and more in all in one small tool!
  • Portable, small design can be placed right in your pocket or bag
  • Great for beginners, artists, architects, students, designers and more
  • Makes drawing circles and cool patterns simple and easy
  • Won't move around while you're using it. Stays in place on your paper/drawing material
  • Circles can be drawn from radiuses of 16mm to 80mm (holes are 4mm increments) 

multifunction drawing compass tool

Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 116g

Size: 7 inches

Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 x Straight Ruler Protractor

1 x Curved Ruler Protractor

2 x Circular Ruler Holders 

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