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Mug Warmer

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Keep your drink warmer longer with this USB Mug Warmer!

Plug the cup warmer into any USB source to instantly heat up your coffee or tea! Whether you're at work or watching videos online, never drink a cold cup of coffee again with the coffee cup warmer.


  • Coaster that electrically warms mugs or cups that are placed on top of it
  • Keeps cups warm
  • Ideal for coffee, hot tea, or hot water
  • Works quickly to heat up a cold beverage to the ideal temperature
  • Can be plugged into any USB source
  • Coaster diameter is 10.3cm, plate warming diameter is 7.5cm
  • USB cable is 100cm
  • Temperature range is 70-80 degrees Celsius
  • Stylish wood grain design gives warming coaster a modern look

Package includes: 1x coffee mug warmer

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