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Reusable Magnetic Lashes

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No more glue! Get flawless lashes every time, in half the time!

Lightweight, these magnetic lashes look and feel so natural on, you might even forget that they're not even real.  They can be worn multiple times.

The magnetic applicator allows for easy application.

The Magnetic Lashes are waterproof and handmade from synthetic hair, the eyelash length is 1cm -1.5cm and can be cut down to your desired look.


Works in seconds, no glues or adhesives required.


Your lashes will stay in place until you decide to take them off.


One set is all you need for long-lasting results.


No glue, no serum means no toxins — so you don't have to worry about damaging your natural lashes, or changing the color of your pupils.


Enjoy the glamour of high-end, salon extensions, for a fraction of the cost. 


  1. Shake the magnetic eyeliner 10-20 times.

  2. Apply the eyeliner and wait a minute until its dry. (Make sure its half dry not fully dry)

  3. Place the lashes onto your eyeliner.

  4. Adjust the lashes to suit your style!

Please read the instructions provided, make sure your eyelids are completely clean before applying the eyeliner and a sufficient amount is used to enable the magnets.

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