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Light Bulb USB Air Humidifier

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This unique Light Bulb USB Humidifier is the perfect decoration for your home. Reduce dryness in the air with this nifty bulb humidifier while also adding a magical touch to any room.

light bulb usb humidifier


  • Easy to Use:Just fill with water and turn on. See the difference in air quality in no time
  • Unique Design: Light bulb shaped design with Palm Trees
  • Color Changing:7 different light colors
  • Reduce Dry Air:The humidifier works to reduce dryness by adding water vapor into the air
  • Quiet Running Sound:Makes little noise at 36 decibels
  • Two Different Positions:Can be placed down straight or tilted
  • Powered by USB: Conveniently powered by USB, can be plugged into laptops, power banks, and anything with a USB port
  • Long Usage Time:Runs for a continuous 6 hours 
light bulb humidifier

Product Specifications: 

Capacity: 400mL

Noise Level: Very quiet- 36 decibels

Power Source: USB

Usage Time: 6 hours

Power: 2W

Voltage: 5V

Humidifying Mist Output: 30mL/hour

Size: 6.25in x 3.45in

USB Cord Length: 5ft

Package Includes:

1 x Light Bulb Air Humidifier

1 x User Manual

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