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LED UV Blacklight Flashlight

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  • Able to detect invisible stain, such as pet urine, oil stains, blood stains, cracks, etc
  • Multi-function mode: adjustable focal length light distance, 2-in-1 flashlight - white light mode, purple light mode.
  • Wide range of uses: white light mode: outdoor activities, adventure, camping, hunting, fishing, military operations, etc.; ultraviolet mode: detection of invisible stains, such as pet urine, oil stains, blood stains, cracks, dye detection, currency identification and medical identification tools , capture the scorpion
  • High efficiency: The imported high-lumen LED is used as the light source, with strong light, covering a wide area and quickly illuminating the required area.


  • Mode: 5-Mode (high - medium - low - sos - strobe)
  • Lamp Life:100,000 Hours
  • Color:black
  • Emitted Color: UV light
  • Lens: Convex Lens
  • Material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum

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