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LED Light Up Tweezers - Best Tweezers For Eyebrows

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Don't you hate when you're tweezing your brows and your shadow gets in the way of making everything perfect. Now you can tweeze without any difficulties. Keep your brows on fleek with these Light Up LED Eyebrow Tweezers!

With this LED Eyebrow Tweezer, your poorly lighted surroundings will never dictate whether or not your brows look good anymore!

No More Problems - The LED light will light up your targeted area so that shadows and bad lighting will not prevent you from shaping your brows to perfection!

Flexible tension! - Just use a screwdriver to change your preferred tension for tweezing, so you can have a pleasant tweezing session!

Stylish design! - The tweezer heads hold a firm grip on your hair so that you can pull a strand out easily with no pain!

Package includes:

1 x LED Brow Tweezers

3 x Replacement batteries

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