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LED Bicycle Safety Vest with Turn Signals

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Bicycle riding is a great way to get around. Whether you just love cycling or you use your bike as your main form of transportation, the LED Bicycle Safety Vest with Direction Signals is a necessity for everyone. 

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Riding your bike can be dangerous, especially when biking on the road around cars. This safety vest will not only make you more visible to cars at night time, it will also show LED turn signals to warn drivers when you will be taking a turn. 

Product Features:

  • USB Rechargeable, just plug it in to charge. Has a built in 850mAh lithium battery
  • Battery lasts for up to 20 hours per charge
  • Waterproof and comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight, you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it
  • Wireless control so you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebar 
  • The vest has 5 LED signals: left, right, forward, stop, and emergency
  • Has an elastic strap buckle

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