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Elevated Cat Bowl (Anti-Vomiting, Orthopedic Design)

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The Elevated Cat Bowl is stylish,  functional and designed with your cat’s well-being in mind! 

The elevated design of the food bowl is orthopedic and prevents your cats from vomiting after eating. It is tilted at a 15 degree slope for a comfortable eating angle for your beloved cat. The orthopedic design of the cat food bowl makes your cat more comfortable and also makes your cat eat at a slower speed. 


  • BPA free and non-toxic PVC, 100% safe for your pet
  • Non-slip bottom so that the bowl can’t be pushed or tipped over
  • 15 degree slope so your kitty is more comfortable while eating, protects their neck, spine and certical vertibrae 
  • Makes cats eat at a slower speed and prevents them from vomiting after eating
  • Bowl surface is smooth and prevents pet’s mouth from being scratched
  • Can be purchased as a single bowl or a double bowl
  • Easy to clean- just rinse the bowl to clean

Product Specifications:

Material: Bowl-PVC, Base-ABS

Bowl diameter: 13cm

Package includes:

1 x Elevated Anti-Vomiting Pet Food Bowl (can be purchased as double or single bowl)

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