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Drill Bit Set

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The Magic Swap Drill Bit lets you drill, flip it, drive
drill bit flip

Get all of your DIY projects done with this multifunctional drill flip tool in half the time.

Aren't you exhausted of having to constantly change drill bits in between projects?

This drill bit lets you hold two separate bits at once letting you flip between them within seconds. Now you can switch from drilling holes to driving in the screws without the annoyance of having to change the bits manually.

The Magic Swap Drill Bit is a must-have for your toolbox. Say goodbye to stress and all past holds ups to your work. This nifty tool can be used for a handyman, contractors, first-time users, home use, or professional use.

Its universal fit allows you to use it with your current power drill. It's simple to use and comes with a 20 piece set and FREE storage case!

Why make your next job harder when you DON'T have to?

Package Includes:

1 x Swap Drill Bit®
8 x Phillips Bits (2 each: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3)
8 x Flathead Bits (2 each: 1/8" 3.2mm, 5/32" 4mm, 3/16" 4.8mm, 1/4" 6.3mm)
2 x Countersink Bits ( 3/32" 2.4mm, 1/8" 3.2mm)
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x FREE Storage Case

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