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Drawer Garment Organizer Dividers

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The Drawer Underwear Organizer Dividers are incredibly convenient and keep your drawers tidy and neat. Easily find all of your garments in no time! There are 3 different sized drawer organizer dividers which are perfect for storing socks, bras, scarves, ties, underwear, and more. 

drawer underwear organizer dividers


  • Space Saving:Keep your drawers organized while saving space. Find exactly what you are looking for the second you open up your drawer
  • Washable: The drawer divider organizer can be washed and air-dried
  • Foldable:The drawer bra and garment organizers can be easily folded up when not in use
  • High-Quality Material: Made of nylon mesh, which is long-lasting, durable material
drawer bra organizer

Product Specifications:

  • Size:
    6 Slots Bra Organizer: 4.72in x 12.6in x 12.6in (12cm x 32cm x 32cm) Each slot is 2.0in (5cm).
    7 Slots Underwear Organizer: 4.72in x 12.6in x 4.72in (12cm x 32cm x 12cm) Each slot is 1.77in (4.5cm).
    11 Slots Socks Organizer: 4.72in x 12.6in x 4.72in (12cm x 32cm x 12cm) Each slot is 0.98in (2.5cm).
  • Material: Nylon Mesh
  • Color: Grey, white

organizer drawer clothes

Package Includes: (Depends on which organizer you purchase)

  • Full set: Comes with 3 pieces: 1 x 6 Slot Bra Organizer, 1 x 7 Slot Underwear Organizer, 1 x 11 Slot Sock Organizer
  • 6 Slots Bra Organizer: 1 x 6 Slots Bra Organizer
  • 7 Slots Underwear Organizer: 1 x 7 Slots Underwear Organizer
  • 11 Slots Socks Organizer: 1 x 11 Slots Socks Organizer

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