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Car Air Humidifier

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Dry skin? Studies have shown that driving decreases the bodies moisture by the second. This amazing humidifier is specifically designed to fit perfectly into your cup holder! The nano-fine spray will hydrate your skin and also soothe your lungs during your time spent in the car.



- Helps prevent dry skin & Respiratory problems

- Operates silently

- Will not leak water if dropped

- Nano-fine spray

- Visible water level (transparent water level bar shows when you need to add more water)

- Holds 300 ML water

- Will not fog/wet car or windshield

- Increase air humidity by 40%

- Safe for leather and all car interiors


Model Name: car air purifier,car air humidifier
Type: car diffuser
Item Height: 1525mm
Item Length: 70mm
Material Type: Stainless Steel
Shape: Liquid
Item Type: Air Freshener
Item Volume: 300mL
Item Weight: 420g
Special Features: Breathing indicator light
Item Width: 70mm
Amount of fog: 45ml/h
Feature: Automatic power off at low water level

Package Includes: 

- 1x Car Humidifier

- 1x Micro USB cable


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