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Anti Vibration Washing Machine Pads

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TheAnti Vibration Washing Machine Padsare a great tool to reduce noise and damage caused by your shaky washing machine or dryer. Wobbly and shaky washing machines can not only damage your floors, but they can also damage the machines themselves. The washing machine pads are designed to reduce movement and vibration caused by your machines.


  • Noise and Movement Reduction: The anti-vibration washing machine pads will reduce movement and noise caused by your wobbly, shaky washer and dryer machines. The machines will be leveled with the floor with the pads on. The prevention of movement of the machines will also help reduce maintenance to your machines and prevent damage to your floors. 
  • Durable Rubber Material: The washing machine pads are made of durable rubber that can withstand many years of washing and drying.
  • Easy to Install: Just slide the rubber pads under each foot of your washing or drying machine and place the machine back down.
  • Fits Most Models: The anti-vibration washer pads are designed to be universal and will fit most models. 

  • Product Specifications:

    • Size: 2.75in x 1.57in (inner diameter 1.85in)
    • Fits Most Models
    • Material: Durable Rubber

    Package Includes:

    1 x Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads (4pc set)

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