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Car Anti Sun Glare Visor

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Are you sick of tailgaters lights? Solve all of your problems with the Anti Car Sun Glare Visor today!

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Easy Installation: Easily clip it on to your current visors and you are good to go.
Adjustable: The anti-glare sun visor extender can be raised and lowered into various positions as needed; you can even push the clip downward on the cars sun visor to extend it down farther. It flips up on the car's sun visor and folds up for storage without any difficulty.

Universal Fit: This great visor extender is measured at approximately 12 Inches in the width and 6 Inches in the length. This is great for the people who have problems with the car's existing visors not extending low enough as well.

Anti-Glare: This has a dark grayish tint to block the damaging UV rays and the sun's glare in your eyes. Do you dislike driving at night because of headlights glaring into your eyes? The yellow tint will block out the headlights of oncoming cars without preventing your view of traffic lights. Stop straining your eyes with this great sun visor extender and arrive at your destination stress-free.

anti sun glare
The Anti Car Sun Glare Visor blocks over 97% of harmful UV Rays. This will protect your children, babies, friends, extended family members, and any passengers from skin irritation and bright sunlight.

Light-filtering technology to block excess glare and harmful UV rays. Drive cautiously and safely on a bright, sunny day, or over snowy terrain which easily reflects backlight.

anti sun glare visor

Material: PVC
Size: 32 x 11 x x 0.2 cm / 12.5 x 4.3 x 0.1 in

Package includes:
1 x Anti Car Sun Glare Visor

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